Following the meeting to discuss the proposed Cardiac Standards (NHS England) held at the RCN on 26th February 2014, the executive committee decided to set up two new sub-groups within the CCNA for nurses working in an education role and those working in a research role. These we hope will encourage:

  • networking between staff and service users who are interested in education or research related to CYP and families with cardiac problems, to further develop links nationally and maybe even internationally
  • collaboration locally, nationally and maybe even internationally for the purposes of research, evaluation and academic support
  • promotion and sharing of ideas and research, educational and academic expertise around CYP and families with cardiac problems, within and external to the specialist centres and higher education institutes
  • dissemination of education and research activities, nationally and internationally to raise the profile of children’s cardiac nursing in the UK

The RCN subsequently hosted a meeting on 17th July 2014 for the Education group, coordinated by Di Robertshaw with the aim of:

  • Reviewing current Education Provisions for Congenital Cardiac Care – key messages
  • Considering the way forward
  • Working to influence future education provision so that it is fit for purpose

Di Robertshaw authored a summary of the day which was used to influence the consultation of the NHS England Review.

For more information please contact Kerry gaskin or Di Robertshaw

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