Committee roles – nominations due OCTOBER 31ST, 2023.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in a position as an Executive Committee member of CCNA

We are always looking for keen and enthusiastic children’s cardiac nurses to become members of the CCNA and more importantly to consider joining the CCNA executive committee.

Some of the benefits of becoming an executive committee member include:

  • Networking with colleagues nationally and internationally
  • Involved in driving change for children’s cardiac nurses
  • Involved with national innovations and developments within children’s cardiac nursing
  • Opportunity to attend and/or organise conferences
  • Opportunity to learn new skills e.g., leadership, social media, website development, writing for publication
  • Great for the CV!

The nominee does not need to be a current CCNA member at the time of being nominated but will be required to complete the CCNA member application process and pay the one-off fee of £10 if they are elected.

Each post is a one-year term (from December 2023- November 2024).

Details of nominees will be provided to CCNA members prior to the Annual General Meeting and elections will then take place at the Annual General Meeting, which generally occurs during the CCNA day at the BCCA conference (this year 13th November 2023).

Nomination form (2023 version) below at bottom of page.

The deadline for submission is 31st October 2023.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the current Executive Committee Members – see contact details in the Members’ page

The positions available are:

Trainee Chairperson or Trainee Deputy Chairperson

The Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson chairs all meetings of the executive committee, has general supervision of the affairs of the CCNA, and keeps the Executive Committee fully informed about the activities of the CCNA. They shall perform such other duties as shall from time to time be assigned by the Executive Committee.

In addition to chairing all meetings, the Chairperson represents CCNA when requested at meetings involving other national paediatric organisations. The Chairperson also ensures that the Executive Committee members execute the responsibilities of their position and trouble shoots problems and issues that may arise during the year.

Trainee Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responds to all new member enquiries in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring that potential members are directed to the website and given all the information required to satisfy their requests. The Membership Secretary will also accept new members, keep accurate records and ensure that payments are paid directly into the bank in a timely and regular manner. The role also involves activities toward membership retention.

Trainee Treasurer

The Treasurer has a regulator role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Executive Committee to safeguard the organisation’s finances. The treasurer typically acts as an information and reference point for the Chair and other committee members, and is responsible for: General financial oversight; Funding and fundraising; Financial planning and budgeting; Financial reporting; Banking, book keeping and record keeping.

Guest/trainee Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor is responsible for identifying materials to be published, determining the features of a publication, setting and enforcing deadlines, making a final determination about what will be published in an issue, coordinating frequency of publication, and overseeing all operations of a publication.  They work as part of the Executive Committee to set guidelines and expectations for authors. The CCNA Committee would like to include publications that have themes to encourage authors to write particular sorts of pieces.

Guest/trainee Website Editor

A website editor is responsible for the content and images used on the CCNA website. They plan, research, write copy and edit the content of a website.

Guest/trainee Social Media Host (e.g. Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin)

This is a new post, the CCNA Committee already use Social media platforms to communicate with members and other organisations, but we are looking for a committee member who could host these platforms and could set up a regular Twitter chat.

General Executive Committee Member – 1 year tenure

This role represents the general membership on the Executive Committee. They shall perform such duties as designated by the Chairperson and Committee.

Additional projects can be assigned at the discretion of the Executive Committee

Please download the nomination form and return this form by 31st October 2023 to:

Di Robertshaw, CCNA Membership Secretary