We are always happy to welcome new members to the CCNA, if you are interested in joining please contact our Membership Secretary, Di Robertshaw, or speak to your network representative – see list of Executive Committee members. We would also like to encourage representatives from all networks to join the committee, we are a friendly group and really keen to network with colleagues across the country. 

The CCNA currently has members from all over the United Kingdom & Ireland. We also have a few from overseas. Membership in the CCNA provides a platform for sharing knowledge and skills relating to cardiac practice.  It also allows you to be part of a body representing the nurses voice within the context of the wider congenital cardiac healthcare team. Membership is currently priced at £10 one off fee.

For more information on the executive committee members click here

For more information about membership and to apply online click here .

Alternatively you can download an application form click here